Doing My Share

I am giving up not because I may not win.  I’m dropping it off because it is the right thing to do.

That one odd weekend opened doors of realizations. The moment after my-not-so likeable visitor left, I felt betrayed since she knew I was alone. The two kids were taking advantage of a Saturday “lamaw”, causing me to be as unruffled as possibly can.  Curled up like a defeated helpless worm from sunshine to twilight, I blamed myself for facing her, though in reality I really don’t wanna see her.

I realized I’m incapable of being disrespectful.

When we learn an important lesson in life, we allow an old part of us die and a new part to be born.  When we go to a trip or a strange place, we are still the same person but it is like being born again in a new and a different place.

Nothing broke so I am not picking any pieces.

I was only given that opportunity to go through a process; to die, be hurt, be born again, and finally accepting the truth in each process.

I realized it is still great to honor someone so dear with a respectful and authentic recognition of the place he/she held, and still hold, in my life.

This question again crossed my mind.

What stopped me from listening to that part of me that knew the right thing to do?

Above all these, slyly guided to “love God and do whatever I want”, it is time to be out from all drastic moves because it isn’t a good option.

It is time to relinquish my old role this time.


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