Movie Hour

Frozen. No possibilities. Not moving.

I don’t want to be like that. Well, except for Bella. Can you tell me what the first scene was? In my own watching movie history, I did watch a movie today, alone. Too bad, I got in ten minutes after the show has started.  I quickly hovered on the third row, but I just cannot sit there. So I went to the last row, the farthest one from the widescreen. It’s not even suitable for tweeners. No, I am not writing for a movie review as it was “bitin” IMSSM (if I may say so myself).

Unlike Bella, I don’t want to stop dreaming. That elusive two hours made me somewhat disconnected from my real world, and I owe that to myself. Totally different from hers, mine is to be human, to be free.

But when you reflect on the word freedom, what comes into your mind? “The old life is gone, a new life burgeons! Look at it!”

To me, freedom is not changing of my circumstances but a changing of heart. Maybe, I am still discovering what freedom really looks like.

Then, I remember this scenario….

“Imagine that a movie was made of your life. Nothing was left out. Everything about you was displayed on the big screen for anyone to see. How would you feel?

God has seen our own movies.  He knows all about all things that we are proud of and the things we hide. He knows everything.


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