Meet Oscar and Kenzu

First is Oscar.

No, it is not Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street.

He is a dog from a South African dogs’ home.Oscar is a random breed between a schnauzer, a tacky terrier and a determined dachshund, (not so sure about this). Or is he of part Alsatian, corgi and cocker spaniel?  Adopted by the owner, Joanne Lefson, 38, from Johannesburg, she sold her house to pay a worldwide travel dubbed as “World Woof Tour”. The purpose of the trip was to raise awareness about the benefits of adopting dogs from animal shelters, and to focus on promoting animal sterilisation.

In May  last year, the pair began an epic journey hoping to inspire millions to help save his fellow canines living as strays on the streets In April this year, the eight-year-old dog returned to South Africa after travelling to 30 countries on five continents where he promoted the adoption of shelter dogs and took part in some fun activities.

Oscar and Lefson went canoeing down the Amazon River, hang-gliding in Rio de Janeiro, rickshaw-riding in Malaysia and were even married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. He met Pluto and Goofy at Disney Land, went surfing in San Diego, and had a showdown with a pride of lions in Kenya’s Masai Mara Nature Reserve.

Oscar’s adventures will become a book, which is set for release in October this year, and a television documentary. Joanne hopes that the documentary will be shown on Animal Planet, an American television channel with a viewership of more than 250 million people worldwide.

Next is Kenzu…

I adopted Kenzu (a purebred shih-tzu) 10 months ago. He is my daily sweet, loyal, and playful companion. I talk to him, most of the time; walk/jog with him; always give him praise because he doesn’t pee and poo everywhere. He actually hates coprophagy or poop-eating. He loves kids and he is energetic around playful kids.  He is a free dog and does not wear dog collar for i believe he does not need it.

I’m gonna miss him. Susundoon na kaya siya kan si original owner. (ouch!)


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