You Choose

my own version


still need to know the name but i have some of this propagated by marcotting method

got a portion of the creeping root, I think about 2 inches long which was from Mr. Romero’s collection which we found at his building’s terrace while having a short break from voice files. I wonder who was the initiator then.

variegated bouganinvillea

San Francisco

some of the dendros are showing off their flowers

Other images are still needed to be transferred from my phone. So which would you choose?


3 thoughts on “You Choose

  1. ay super fragrant pati yan. ano, garo baga dai ka na naman nagtuturog. mapadara kaya ko sa Manila ki Teri ta mahalon daa duman.

    ano sa Monday sana dai na mag-uran. may payong na pati ako haha.

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