Kenzu’s offspring

This puppy was delivered right at my doorsteps at 3:15 pm;
  a real gift today :)

Mother : Kaikai (Japanese Spitz)
Father : Kenzu (Shih Tzu)
DOB: June 24, 2010

and i'm still thinking of her name. It's a she by the way. 

July 28, 2010
12:15 am

Zoe (yes, that's what i will call her). It is a Greek word which means
"life".  On her first night as she is adjusting for the settling
period, she stayed with me in my room. When i heard her sobbing
and somewhat uneasy, I immediately put her outside the house and
astonishingly she pooped right away. Some of the characteristics
I admire most about this breed are their intelligence, small
size, and activity level. Oh well, even she is a so-called designer
dog since her parents are of different breeds.
Next in line will be a "shihpoo.

With a face so sweet,just enough to soften the hardest of hearts ♥♥♥


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