aint an easy thing

  • i packed my pedal two days ago and was telling it, “thank you for the fruitful six years”. I have had enough and i am saying goodbye. It ain’t that so easy.
  • i said goodbye to my puppy, “Zoe”. I have to let go of her next week.
  • What is happening in FB? Everybody is tagging pictures after our 2nd H/S Batch 1993 Reunion. Anyway, thanks to it coz i’ve got the chance to DL some of the pictures but dissevered yesterday temporarily from it. Tinapay, hataw si kyalebi mo hehehe. super like ko! hataw sa main stage.

some of the pix i have downloaded


4 thoughts on “aint an easy thing

  1. pero mabalik ka trans world? aram no nalungkot ako kang “i have had enough”. garo ako abandoned soldier sa giera, ang OA ko. hehe. dakul kang kwento sako luns paghilingan ta. šŸ™‚

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