Coffee Time

I am making coffee for everyone!

Coffee Arabica or a.k.a. mountain coffee grounds smells distinctively pretty good as well as exquisitely tastes so good.  I received my new coffeemaker last Monday.  I am lucky that my sister, who is a nutritionist, is just a call away.  She instructed me how to operate the thing.  “Nasanay man kaya ko sa tinutong na bagas.”:-D  When I told her that I did put the coffee grounds in the reservoir, she laughed and taught me (by phone) to discard it and put the coffee in the filter instead.  Some coffeemakers use gold filter (they say the gold one is the best).  Mine requires a paper filter, and I’m using size #4.  So, while I am brewing the grounded bean for everyone, I can make my decaff and enjoy our cups of coffee together.  For the moment, I have to unpack the Gala coffee grinder/mill and explore it as it does not have English instructions too.

I’m actually learning to love my new workstation – that is the kitchen.  So basically I only visit my virtual world with limited time reading blogs I follow, checking mails, and continuing an internet-based training for MT with a new platform for at least 2-3 hours during working days with no definite schedule.

Next on the list today is trying the Megafesa pressure cooker a little later today.  Happy weekend everyone!


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