Questions, Letters, and Candles

Apparently my blog entries were saved in the draft folder.  Am I getting old? Probably.  Probably not.  I’ve been blogging but the system did not publish them automatically.

I’ve got 10 questions to answer with 100 words in each topic today.  The first question is “What did you do over the weekend?”

Le’me try accomplishing that first question with a whish.  After spending the whole weekend under the sweltering sun, in the middle of the rainy day season, I have sunburn.  My nose, entire face, back of the neck, upper portion of my back, and both arms are shiny reddish brown in color.  It is itchy but it hurts to touch.  I was enjoying putting stakes, pulling out the weeds, dividing rhizomes that I did not notice some of my body parts being overexposed from UV rays.  On the second week of next month, you’re gonna see me wearing a dress in gold and white stripes and maybe you’ll gasp and scream, “Who’s that bronze Barbie doll walking?”

Before proceeding to the next questions (which I am not be publishing here but in other site with a GC waiting, allow me to write some brief letters).

Dear Sis:  I got your album and it weighed almost 4 kgs.  I hope it will not rain on Friday.  I’m only allowed to hand-carry a 7-kg bag.  The remaining 3 kg most likely will be for my dress, son’s barong/black pants, and other personal stuff.

Dear Dad:  I knew it! Now, I can’t reach or even talk to you over the phone.

Dear Blog:  Tagalugin ko ha para mas klaro.  Di ako robot na di pindot.  Di ako tv na di remote, di rin ako manika na di susi.  Pag ESL na, aapudan ka!  Loser!!! I am now studying so get the **** out of my way!  Nothing too personal, just getting rid of these negative vibes before blowing my 34 candles out!


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