2010 National Observance of the Week for the Gift and Talented

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 199 dated October 19, 1999, it will be observed on November 22-26, 2010 with the theme, “The Gifted and Talented: Responding to a Changing Climate”.

It aims to strengthen social awareness and responsibilities of the gifted and talented on the prevailing issues on climate change.

All public and private SPED Centers, including the regular schools with organized classes/programs for the gifted and talented are encouraged to undertake any of the following activities anchored on the theme:

  • a.      Academic competitions;
  • b.     Visual and performing arts and talent shows;
  • c.      Leadership training;
  • d.     Science camp;
  • e.     Educational field trips;
  • f.      Tree planting;
  • g.     Fun games and sports activities;
  • h.     Symposia on climate change, its elements, causes, and responses to it; and
  • i.       Other related activities.

excited sa tour saka sa tree planting..  🙂 sana sa La Mesa Watershed naman.


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