I hope not

So I have to make some explainin that I think I should impart a bit about my work history.  Reason why it would be hard for me to go out in the coming winter holidays (mayo feel ko lang gamiton ang winter). : D

My old friends, presently I do have a contract.

Chronologically, here is an update why I need to be doing my stuff:

September 5 – previous company pulled out our team’s account for reasons I am not in the position to be discussing.  Anyway, they’ve provided me the EOC (employment of contract) I’ve requested.  Still I can work with the team but at this point it isn’t possible.  Still need to be doing some housework routine, the part-time, and the regular one.

After that day, my options were either to look for a volunteer healthcare position, go back to school, or enjoy a three month vacation.

Comes October, on the 15th to be exact, I started my training with a company that is using an internet-based software plus the SRS (speech recognition) system.

It was only a month ago that I signed up for a contract which offered a monthly payment scheme only for one client.  Now tell me, uso man ang holidays na yan?  I guess I will be on a holiday pag holiday man siya.  Anytime this month or next month, in the kingdom of MLA, I’ll be meeting the client in person who will be travelling 12-15 hours to also meet his avaha.

And then I asked the moon,

Does you  sky ever leave you when you  don’t shine?


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