My gift for you

What is a promise?

It is a commitment or a declaration assuring one will or will not do something and from this day onwards I have promises to be kept.  This time, it is for real. .  Gosh, I’ll intently pray I can. Good luck on my migraines!

Selfie promises:

  • Live healthy (drink and eat healthy):  When I say healthy, no soft-drinks, junk foods, and sweets
  • Think happy:  no complaining.  Wear the complaint free bracelet again.
  • Walk and run:  Engage in daily exercises.
  • Plant more:  Yep, been planting vegetables since June but will be adding more.
  • Resign from MT work:  Soon in progress.  At the brink. . .. 
  • Read:  Start reading again.
  • Pray:  I still believe in the power of prayers.

Besides, you kept telling me “Live a good life”..



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