The Paradox of our Time

Seize the day.  Live, laugh, and cry.  Carpe diem.  Live life to the fullest.  Be brave, be bold, dream high.  These are famous lines which to other people serve as guiding motivators to cope up with what is expected from us.

What is really expected from us?  What is expected from me as a mother, teacher, wife, friend, and a follower of Christ?  Would I be truly happy and have that inward peace if I am able to juggle and do different roles in life without committing mistakes, and aim to be perfect?  The answer is…I think not.

The article is an eye-opener for me.  It reminded me that IF life is all about vanity, then we are only grasping for a wind; that if we focus solely on achievement and success, failure would be unbearable; that life that is full of pleasure is meaningless.  Everything on earth is uncertain and unstable.

Every day, every hour, every minute is special.  I am lucky I am surrounded with the joys and laughter that the preschoolers share with me.  I am lucky I am able to witness how my own two kids did grow.  I am lucky I have supportive friends and family because they complete me. I learned to learn to grow with grace each and every year.  I have been more thankful and aware to look back of my past without guilty fears and able to look to the future without anxiety.

I am only beginning to fulfil my dream and that is…to teach.  As a calling, it requires a deepest appreciation of a chain of moments of enjoyment, coupled with real and earnest prayers.

Life may not be perfect freedom from sorrow and discomfort, but I believe life is still full of surprises.  Every day, it is up to us how to unwrap the gifts and how to put importance on what is essential to our lives and with whom we are going to share those gifts.


 Seize the day! Conquer all the fears! Life is beautiful.



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