Going Back To The Corner

Changes, yes constant changes.

I’ve been hitting the backspace of the keyboard for half an hour now.  Where should I start? Things will not be the same and “sudden” is the right word to describe it.

It seemed like two years were just forty-eight hours.  But sometimes I do feel twelve days is like eternity.  Three days more – recognition practices are over.  One week more – marks the end and a beginning in Alyssa’s life.  Two weeks more- Adrian will be finally home.

Twelve days more and it is time to say “thank you for fruitful and wonderful two years”.  I have learned so much and owe much to my trainer who gave me opportunities to grow and develop.

February was full of turmoil and sleepless nights, but everything will be all in place.  Sometimes lessons are learned in the hard ways.

I am going back to the corner.


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