Top Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me

This is a homework.

  1. I started wearing two kinds of eyeglasses in June of this year; one for distance and another for reading.
  2. A monthly migraine attack sometimes associated with severe vomiting is pretty normal for me. Dark room, soft music, scented candles help abate the pain. Blame it on estrogen!
  3. If I’m not dealing with different kinds of learners every day, I would love to learn baking and dressmaking.
  4. I wished I have time or chance to teach indigenous people in our locality to read.
  5. You’ll find me in the books or crafts/arts section when I’m at the mall.
  6. I always find time on a daily basis to connect with myself, our Creator, and Mother Nature, with only worthy permissible thoughts and memories.
  7. I walked for five hours a day last summer of 2015, not even a single pound was lost. Haha! Anyway, the goal was not to shed some excess weight.
  8. I still climb trees except for coconut tree! “grin”
  9. I couldn’t find the best book in parenting. Nurturing teenagers is the most difficult job.
  10. I admire women who knows pole dancing.  🙂

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