Be a Cheerful Giver


This is my first blog entry in 2016.

“Without the silence between the notes, there would be no music.”

Silence between the notes would give great deal of meanings and interpretations.  To master the art of being and appreciate the daily beauty that life brings, creativity is undeniably involved and required. Finding the meaning and importance including the lessons learned to every encounters, relationships, goals, plans, and even failures is one of the things that is worth thinking about.

Encouragement and motivation—these are two powerful words aside from “INSPIRE”.   Blessed are those who sow generously for they will reap generously.  This year, I challenge myself to be generous in terms of giving positive motivation, ceaseless encouragement, and providing inspiration to work at something enjoyable, worthy of time and talent. Be a cheerful giver.  Give until it hurts, but keeping respect for thyself.  Be fair. Be truthful and stick to values.

Most of all, don’t do anything that would not make your mother proud.

Note: The first day and night of 2016 was loaded of full surprises, laughter, joys, and memories.


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