Molte Grazie

This week, there are so many blessings again to thank for.

  1. Adrian being director’s lister for the 3rd quarter. It is two months more before his vacation.
  2. Five-day off from work so I got the chance to go home and monitor dad’s blood pressure which needs proper diet. Thankful that he is compliant taking all prescribed doses and he knows how to take his own blood pressure.  Well, of course, with the use of a digital BP machine.
  3. Alyssa is finished with her first semester as a nursing student in Ateneo. Thankful that all her minor subjects in 3D digital animation taken last semester in the same school were credited.
  4. Four days before April and I’m saying goodbye, finally, to my former educator/music teacher/directress/a second mom, but I know I still need to visit her.
  5. Never did it occur that I have to look for all my previous employers in medical transcription for their signatures on all of my employment certifications. Haha! The act of requesting those totally slipped my mind. They are all in spring break enjoying their staycations and vacations.  DEPED is asking me to submit those papers for senior high school teaching position.  Sigh, should I or should not?, but I love kids.
  6. Friends – they complete me even they are at the other side of the world. Real friends would NEVER leave you behind.  They stay (though you’re miles apart) forever beyond words, distance, and time.



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