Who Am I Not to Forgive?

“Without darkness, nobody enjoys light.”

People commit mistakes.   Our own children and other children commit impulsively something against morality or different kinds of errors that in the end could lead to losing own self-image.  Sometimes they do not think of the consequences.  Young as they are, they take risks.  They sometimes indulge in activities that are not suitable for their whole self—mind, heart, and soul.   But their innocence and weaknesses should not be abused.  That is totally unacceptable.  Their youngness and immaturity to discern between good and evil must not be used as an excuse that it is okay for them to commit mistakes.

Order, limits, firmness and kindness –these are the qualities that a caregiver/parent/teacher/ should possess.

I believe I will not be put to shame.

Help us with this one.  We implore You.


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