A Bunch of Roses and Alstroemeria


This photo was taken during the “Golden Wedding Anniversary” of my superior and her husband.  A memorable occasion that is something to be cherished that only required “presence” as the gift from the people who received an invitation, secretly.  The couple was surprised with teary eyes when they opened the door of a big hall, accommodating special guests, closest friends, and families.  Just so lucky I got invited, and I truly enjoyed that very special moment.

Yesterday, I brought home two mother plants of red velvet and white American Roses, well of course they have thorns.  Soon, I will have those African Roses without thorns.

April 1 – Apparently, some of my facebook friends who are single were getting married.  I swiftly commented on one of the posts of one of my friends, only to realize that today is April 1.  Anyway, I had a great laugh, really a good one.  So, here I am saying “Happy April Fool’s Day!”


Alstroemeria:  Sadly my own plant is not producing flowers since last year which I brought from Baguio City .  I am patiently waiting for their buds and I have been talking to them consistently, begging “Please give me flowers”, but still I am waiting.

“Ma’am, it is worth the wait”. These are words uttered by a cashier today while I was waiting for my turn. A co-worker of mine who is a professional dancer/instructress ordered a brow liner (Oh! she got the perfect brow).  Because  of that product purchase, I had the chance to join a raffle on the first day of April and viola! I picked the right container with a piece of paper written on it “Congratulations! You won the First Delight set”.



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