Everyday Grace




This book inspired my WordPress blog title which I started in the year 2009.  From the title itself, opportunity to share the richness of blessings, saying graces, and showing appreciation must like be love — endless and infinite.

In every inventions from little things such as: (not a complete list, though), I always say “gracias”.

  1. “Needle” that helps us mend clothes.
  2. Comb which aids us with tangled hairs.
  3. Knife that assists us in paring, slicing, etc.

So every time I use these useful things, I always utter the words…”Whoever invented you, I say thank you and thanks for the sophisticated intelligence and brilliant idea.

We all have our own sufferings and difficulties.  There are new challenges everyday.

I want to go somewhere alone and throw different kinds of stones into the sea, even the heaviest until I get tired and find comfort in sleeping.  Sometimes, thinking and weighing things out is one of the difficulties in every process.

A moment of silence works for me.

“From a spiritual perspective anything negative that happens has only one purpose: to foster compassion in the human heart.”



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