Imperturbable Tranquility


        left side photo (from my garden): Iris I got from a friend that started            with just one stem.

right side photo is By Katrin Wicker – Own work, CC BY 2.0 de,

Sometimes I need to be like the Irises that remained so serene at one of the corners in my little garden to achieve a clear and relaxed mind.

Tomorrow is the cremation of former teacher’s son whose family is so dear to my heart.  I know I need to be there but my heart goes to the little children who are waiting for me.  They waited for me today since I was unable to meet them due to different important scheduled appointments like going to the dentist, paying statutory obligations, and lastly for the last night vigil.

So many things happened today.  The cramming and excitement brought by the skills demonstration as part of the final selection process in a position I am yearning for is one of them.  Everything that happens to us is a result of our own actions.  So I am really grateful for a rewarding decade empowered with knowledge and wisdom, which as of this moment I am enjoying its advantageous fruitions.




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