Lately, I’ve Been Dreaming

uncle p

 photo credits to my uncle (one of the characters in one of my dreams)

I have been having vivid dreams for two consecutive nights.  The details are clear like who were the people, kinds of things, and where it happened.  When I woke up the next day, I am able to remember everything and can retell it to someone full of enthusiasm chronologically.

All I know is that before sleeping, it is one of my hobbies to condition my mind and think unwritten stories.  On the next night, before sleeping again there is a continuation of that same story in my mind.  But my dreams are not really related to the script going on in my mind and I usually wake up relaxed, not exhausted or tired.

 I dreamt the other night about fishes swimming in a clear water with unknown number.  According to dream meaning and interpretation, it would mean earning a large amount of money with expenditure accountability.

The other night I dreamt of a pear tree and apple tree at the backyard of my uncle who lives in Canada.  But in my dream, my other uncle who recently retired and came home from Qatar was with me.  We picked pear fruits and we ate with satisfaction.  We were both amazed with the abundant red juicy apples but did not pick, instead appreciated the tree and the fruits.

Maybe it could mean that now is the best time to start something new.  Beautiful pear tree with juicy fruits indicates promising prospects in life.

Have you ever had a vivid dream and remembers it the next day?



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