Odd Experience with Magnolia



How can I forget this tree?

During summer specifically on the month of May when the tree produces fragrant flowers, little children in our hometown gather flowers to offer.  “Flores de Mayo” is an old tradition to honor “Mama Mary”.  Little children as we are, we were believers then.

With one of my childhood bestfriends- the late “Baye”. Ohh, we had wondeful unforgettable memories! She was with me when we climbed that brittle branch of a Magnolia tree.  A sudden mishap happened! Unexpected, boom! I fell out of that tree and saw little birds flying above my head (even there were actually no birds at all).  I got up immediately, which was not a good idea.  It felt like everything was spinning and I had a slight chest pain.  I was lucky I did not fall beside a pit full of crushed bottle glasses.

Oh! What a memorable Magnolia tree!



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