We experience little victories every day.  “Little by little, a little becomes a LOT.”  If our desire to minimize whims and wants and focus on what are essential, then there were will be minimal troubles and waste of time.  So here is a simple list of my little victories for the day.

  1. Celebrating the day with a cup of coffee with college friends. After talking for almost an hour, the friendly connection and camaraderie was there.
  2. Sharing my own produce particularly squash with my friends who visited me (the same gals whom I had wonderful time with in number one.
  3. Preparing sumptuous soft diet meal for my daughter with brave soul who had undergone a left wisdom tooth surgery. The right one is scheduled after a week or two.
  4. Having habitual stint with my plants. I am waiting for the germination of various aster seeds I strew in the ground.
  5. Avoiding cola beverages.
  6. Thirty-minute ball exercise.
  7. Fifteen-minute brisk walking.
  8. Quality talk with loved ones.
  9. Customary text messages to a dear sister and a son.
  10. Blogging from a to z blog challenge; visiting blogs at least 10 a day. J

How about you? What were your little victories for the day?


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