X-ray and Xanthuz

These are unforgettable words that begin in letter Xx.

Xanthuz : One of the best names I have encountered in my teaching career with remarkable qualities.  He is one of my students and I will be missing him.  His perseverance and initiative were unremarkable; he was even commended for such behavior and attitude.   He has been very caring and thoughtful towards his classmates and other kids.

X-ray : Yes, x-ray matters. Maybe yes, maybe no.  I am uncertain.  Can someone enlighten me further with this?

My daughter had a panoramic views of her mouth and teeth. This initial step is important before an orthodontist can recommend a treatment plan.  She was born with two wisdom teeth unlike her father who did not have.  In the long term, if those teeth will not be removed, it will cause overcrowding.  That was according to her dentist.  Removal of the  wisdom tooth underneath her gums and embedded in the jawbone was required.  So she had an incision into the gums and then removal of the portion of bone that lies over the tooth.  Was it really necessary?




2 thoughts on “X-ray and Xanthuz

  1. All 4 of my wisdom teeth were pointing toward the front of my mouth and I had them all removed. I’m pretty sure it was necessary. One of my daughters had the same thing and we had them removed for the same reason.

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