When Creativity Hits You


“What will you do with an ordinary paper clip?” This question was asked during the #FaberCastell Workshop in our city.  There were more than twenty responses such as improvised earrings, crafty picture frames, project plan making like pen holder  and so on, but my last response was recognized and accepted.  For that, I was given a prize!

My answer was:  “I wonder if the paper clips can float because if it can, I would like to make it as a boat!” That was so crazy, but that was the kind of response that was acceptable for the speaker/facilitator, Ms.Jane Arrieta Ebarle also the daldakinangpinay.

I remember during my college days, the professor asked us (me and my classmates) to make a card.  All of my classmate’s outputs were returned, and I have not seen mine.  He told the whole class that the card that was not given back will reach other continent.  The professor bought my card for P200.00 or $4.

Recently, I had my teaching demonstration for Hairbow Making using Grosgrain Ribbons, and I got orders now.  During my free time, I indulge in entertaining myself by making handcrafted bows and ribbons.

And today, my contestant ranked 4th in the 2016 Division Festival of Talent in ICT particularly Photo Editing and Powerpoint Presentation event.  Unexpected blessing indeed, considering that my contender used only my three-year-old Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z for data gathering unlike the first placer to third and fifth respectively who used DSLR camera.

I still daydream most of the time and imagine happy thoughts before sleeping.

How about you, do you still day dream?



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