11 Things To Do Before 2017

We are on the 20th of December 2016.  Beside me is a friend and a coworker who aims to finish her project proposal that was assigned to her by our superior before the year  ends, while me is thinking of the things that I would love to do with the remaining eleven days of this year.  Year 2016 is a very challenging year, a new horizon surrounded by diverse individuals with different age groups.

Here is my list:

  1. Celebrate with my mother’s 68th birthday.  Yes, she is celebrating it on the 23rd.
  2. Catch up with my former coworkers whom I have shared memorable memories for more than a decade, and that is tomorrow.
  3. Go ribbon stores hopping in Manila this holiday.
  4. Visit relatives.
  5. Creatively, finish painting the bedroom walls.
  6. Declutter the classroom.
  7. Start building the anthurium nursery.
  8. Personally, wrap gifts.  I dream of having my own gift wrapping shop.
  9. Fill up the box with rarely used things and donate them.
  10. Finish the silk screen short course used for photographic printing so I can print my own shirts.
  11. Plant a tree.

Time to go home and start enjoying the holiday season.

Happy holidays!!!!! Hoping that you will have a merry Christmas.



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