So this my way of relieving tension from a five-day worth of work.


How about you, what is your version of releasing stress or how do you relax?

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I wonder, who is your wonderwall?  I am just enjoying listening to this music.  It is Sunday and it is time to communicate with my Wonderwall.  Do not mind the lyrics anyway.  I am seeing it and grasping the message the other way around.

There are many things that I wanted to say and I know how because “He” always listens.

And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I
Would like to say to you but I don’t know how.

Hold on tight.  It is great to start the week right.

Happy Sunday!

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Creative World

16473509_10154369018408505_6193810488341342_n.jpgThirty days more and the school year will be over.  I am learning new things and relearning every day to be better so there must be always something I can share.  Who said that facebook is only a social media platform? I see it is a venue where people can exchange informative resources.  It helps you ease your never-ending daily logs.

I must say, I still love connecting or reuniting with friends by calling or seeing them in person.  I typically do not open my account during celebratory days.  Pictures and posts resemble, particularly the same which I find so dull.

When a person decides to click that unfriend button, is it a coward-like choice or the bravest move to do?

Books- nothing could compare to these treasures.  Lately, I have been browsing beadworks and fabric arts, the kind of things I really wanted—being occupied with new things towards a new horizon for unique work and style.   At some point, when I see something I have created, it brings so much fulfillment and feeling of happiness.  When we do something that we like, it makes us beautiful.

There are things that you do to feel energized, right? A cup of coffee with cinnamon on it, a sip of tea, dining out with friends, massage, foot spa, movie, nature trip, a window shopping, taking lovable pictures, singing like nobody is listening, jogging, riding your bike, or just a mere stare on your clear window gazing at the moon and the stars, not thinking of questions that need answers at the back of your mind, because you knew that everything will fall into its own rightful place in its own time.  Everything happens for a reason.  I bet you will agree with me.

Now, let us do something really nice this Saturday, a little nicer than the DIY necklaces I made the previous week.

Very little is needed to have a happy life.

I hope you are enjoying your week.

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11 Things To Do Before 2017

We are on the 20th of December 2016.  Beside me is a friend and a coworker who aims to finish her project proposal that was assigned to her by our superior before the year  ends, while me is thinking of the things that I would love to do with the remaining eleven days of this year.  Year 2016 is a very challenging year, a new horizon surrounded by diverse individuals with different age groups.

Here is my list:

  1. Celebrate with my mother’s 68th birthday.  Yes, she is celebrating it on the 23rd.
  2. Catch up with my former coworkers whom I have shared memorable memories for more than a decade, and that is tomorrow.
  3. Go ribbon stores hopping in Manila this holiday.
  4. Visit relatives.
  5. Creatively, finish painting the bedroom walls.
  6. Declutter the classroom.
  7. Start building the anthurium nursery.
  8. Personally, wrap gifts.  I dream of having my own gift wrapping shop.
  9. Fill up the box with rarely used things and donate them.
  10. Finish the silk screen short course used for photographic printing so I can print my own shirts.
  11. Plant a tree.

Time to go home and start enjoying the holiday season.

Happy holidays!!!!! Hoping that you will have a merry Christmas.


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When Creativity Hits You


“What will you do with an ordinary paper clip?” This question was asked during the #FaberCastell Workshop in our city.  There were more than twenty responses such as improvised earrings, crafty picture frames, project plan making like pen holder  and so on, but my last response was recognized and accepted.  For that, I was given a prize!

My answer was:  “I wonder if the paper clips can float because if it can, I would like to make it as a boat!” That was so crazy, but that was the kind of response that was acceptable for the speaker/facilitator, Ms.Jane Arrieta Ebarle also the daldakinangpinay.

I remember during my college days, the professor asked us (me and my classmates) to make a card.  All of my classmate’s outputs were returned, and I have not seen mine.  He told the whole class that the card that was not given back will reach other continent.  The professor bought my card for P200.00 or $4.

Recently, I had my teaching demonstration for Hairbow Making using Grosgrain Ribbons, and I got orders now.  During my free time, I indulge in entertaining myself by making handcrafted bows and ribbons.

And today, my contestant ranked 4th in the 2016 Division Festival of Talent in ICT particularly Photo Editing and Powerpoint Presentation event.  Unexpected blessing indeed, considering that my contender used only my three-year-old Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z for data gathering unlike the first placer to third and fifth respectively who used DSLR camera.

I still daydream most of the time and imagine happy thoughts before sleeping.

How about you, do you still day dream?


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White Anthurium

I miss my little garden and the flowers started to bloom like the white anthurium.  The purple one is in my bucket list but can’t find a fiorino.  Seeing these creations brighten my day and I feel as if everything is good and beautiful.


See? how I wish I live in a cooler area.

In spite of the pile of reflection papers to do, lyrics to memorize, dance steps to master, lessons to be executed, research paper to be finished, and so on, I always look forward to each day.  I am excited every day, though at times I really feel soooo tired.  But, we can always take a rest and unwind.

How about you, do you have blooming plants?

Next week, this will be my do-it-yourself project. I think I can do this after Wednesday, after all the busy activities.



I will post my finished product 🙂

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Unsweetened yet flavorful.

Mixed emotions kept me having disturbed sleep last night due to have having a roller coaster of adjustments and time management issues.  I do sometimes feel I am overwhelmed with everything but definitely not with despair and fear.  The festivity is over but only did lots of walking, chasing, and other physical activities.  I have tried cycling 12 kilometers, danced for more than five hours, walked for kilometers.  Of course, in different settings.

But, God is not distant.  I will not be abandoned or departed from Him.

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