Time Off

I am well and doing splendid. Well, there are times when I feel like finishing all the new recommended movies flashed in NetFlix. There are times when I do not want to check my inbox and messages. There are instances that I let things be as they are and do not care more whether everything is in order. Who cares anyway? I am in a state of cutting loose from unhealthy conversations, activities, tasks, or social media. Everything can wait, agree? Why haste and hurry? Stop and taste the well-brewed coffee. Smell the fresh bread. Take a walk and enjoy the green view. Oh, I sometimes take the time to walk barefooted and get my feet dirty. Yesterday, I let pouring raindrops kiss my face. There are other things I want to do, and one of them is throwing out stuff I barely need. That is decluttering versus uncluttering.
How about you? Take a time off. It would not mean a day or more than a day. I wish you are well.

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The Art of Waiting

Gardening is a waiting game that requires patience and imagination. It is an artsy yet relaxing activity, would you agree?

A friend gave me yesterday a freshly-baked carrot cake loaded with lots of pecans and walnuts. Well, that is something I look forward to learning. Whenever I see people who can whisk and whip baking ingredients, my jaw drops, and my eyes grow wide. I am not a cake person. That preference changes when the baked goodies have nuts in them.

So what I am trying to say is that we are all equally good in what we invest with our time. Today, I just felt I needed to acknowledge those differences. It is my way of saying how grateful I am.

Each day, God is allowing me to see the goodness in the persons I encounter.

I can only wish to whisk and whip and do magical baking tricks, but that is not me. But try me, I am so willing to do cake or bread tasting. I think I am better with the eating part. lol

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Howdy? What was your biggest accomplishment last week? I hope you are terrifically doing awesome! Am I exaggerating it? Oh, let us be thankful we have gone this far. Some did not make it this far. Others are struggling because of the effects of the pandemic. I think we all do struggle in different means and ways. As long as we walk with God, there is nothing to be afraid of, right?

What small and remarkable accomplishments I made last week? Let me begin with completing the doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccination on the second of September. Did I feel adverse effects? None, so far.

When typhoon Jolina was forecasted and was in the Philippine area of responsibility last Tuesday, I worried for some of my home-grown plants. Worry? That is not the right choice of word. I did not bother at all, although I vacated some plants inside our abode that are delicate. The typhoon, which changed its track, made the LGU cancel work in the afternoon of Tuesday. I decided not to report even before that issuance. Yes! That is an accomplishment! Why? For five years in the service, I incurred a one-day absence that duration. It feels like having to cut a class during high school, but that never happened.

Recording – I have got a lot of voice recordings to do for the ebook. The technical team is waiting and waving. I thank God for the provision and the opportunity. Yesterday, I received the equipment from the regional office, which I will be using. My friend’s husband, a sound engineer in New Zealand and Australia recommended an entry-level, affordable but best-performing mic and headphones. It suits my needs but the thing is I am the one who will finance the equipment. I know that God will always provide. He will.

Webinars and trainings – a lot! Do not ask me about it. Got exposed to online works long before I am in the government educational service. There were times when I hated being in front of my screen and sitting for long hours. This is never new. If only I can shut off all of my social media accounts, I would do it.

I am acknowledging the goodness of life. Thank you for letting me share with you my thoughts and appreciation. Beside from writing how grateful I am, I send my gratitute in the universe and the stars.

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What Matters Most

I am capping the night and starting the day with a song.

What Matters Most is that we loved at all.

While there are times that we are Lost in Space.

That is another song I am listening to right now.

I do love that song too.

I can listen to it more than ten times in a row.

I praise God for His unending faithfulness and love.

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Day Two of Three

I praise God for making me an instrument to share what I have.

I thank Him for the gift of voice.

I am grateful for the endurance.

Most of all, I am always thankful for the opportunities.

I am offering this day to our Creator.

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